Estonian course for foreigners

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I will get in touch you within two working days to schedule a chat and discuss my current availability.

Learn how to talk about yourself.

Greetings, name, age.

Personal info, numbers, alphabet

Your phone number, address, e-mail.

Telling time / days of the week

What time does Hell Hunt close?

At the shop

Can I have 10 kilos of pickles, please?

Hobbies and interests

Which board game are we playing tonight?

Language and nationality

What language do you speak? Where are you from?

Asking and giving directions

How can I get to Telliskivi?

Seasons, months, weather

Nothing beats Estonian weather!

At the restaurant

Ordering food and drinks / food vocabulary.

Talking about yourself

My family, my job.

Minu nimi onIvika

I'm a language teacher with over 10 years of experience, having worked in England, Brazil and Estonia.

Currently I teach exclusively online, where I talor make courses for both students that want to learn English and foreigners who want to learn Estonian.

In my Estonian course for foreigners we will use videos, music and other online resources to get you involved in a new culture.

See you soon!

Work experience

•10 years living and studying in London, UK
•7 years working as a language teacher in São Paulo, Brazil
•2 years working as a teacher in Tallinn, Estonia
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Tallinn, Estonia
WhatsApp: +372 5854 7910
E-R: 8-17